Share experiences with 
a bunch of strangers!

The purpose of bringing together strangers on a call is to bring back human interactions and a sense of belonging, acceptance, and positive vibes in this new and unprecedented era, irrespective of who or where you're from!

  • this is test service

    Wed, Thu, Fri

    1 hr

    99 Indian rupees
  • Anyone who has had a one night stand.

    Starts Oct 20

  • Strangers share experiences of their hobby, how its therapeutic.

    Starts Oct 21

  • Stranger share stories about their sisters or brothers relationship.

    Starts Oct 21

  • Share you experiences/Stories without being judged.

    Starts Oct 22

  • Get on a call with strangers who share their fighting styles

    Starts Oct 22

  • Fun and Entertainment

    Starts Oct 23


Why Us.

We at HalfDay Someone curate 'stranger' calls that are individually thought out by our team of communication experts, multi-faceted professionals, and entrepreneurs. These themes can include memorable experiences like solo travel, first date, alarming ghost stories and even niche ideas like rapping, colour psychology etc.

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The conversations with Strangers was quite rewarding – connections, ability to just be, listen, inspire and help others.



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